As a child I remember always having very creative thoughts and ideas but I never thought I had the knack for art. I didn't enjoy sketching or drawing and at a ridiculously young age, I found the term 'abstract art' as a defence mechanism for describing my work (whether it was supposed to be abstract or not). 

I remember studying artist Gretchen Albrecht in middle school in art class where we painted in a circle. Half a still life of some flowers we liked and the other half was a Gretchen inspired abstract interpretation of the flowers we had painted. I found countless flaws in my 'realistic' painting of the flowers but I found beauty in the imperfections of the abstract side. I loved the texture, the way the colours flowed together, the shapes and swirls that I wouldn't be able to duplicate. I was proud of my one of a kind art and I remember every art project onward that year I'd proudly tell my teacher "it's abstract" which to be honest didn't meet the criteria for many of our projects. 

So I stopped taking art class and stopped making things but it was okay because I had this new appreciation for the world of abstract art and the experience of standing in front of a painting and staring at it until I saw something in it. 

When I first saw Resin Art I was captivated. The dimensions, the shadows, the liquidity and the ___ all drew me in and as a water baby the fluid nature of the paintings drew me in and I knew I wanted to try my own. 

Then as most people who look into trying Resin Art find I found out its bloody expensive! I was saving for a big trip and I put it off as another "one day I'll try it". And that was that. 

I 2016 I was living in Wellington NZ, and we had just got a new flatmate. A girl (which I was nervous about because if we didn't get along then it could be.. ..less than ideal.) As soon as she arrives hands full of stuff I noticed she was holding a painting. "IS THAT A RESIN PAINTING" I basically yelled at her and she replied "YOU KNOW WHAT RESIN PAINTINGS ARE?". Turns our Laura was a Resin Artist and I instantly knew we would be great friends. 

I 100% owe it to her for letting me play around in her studio (making some good and some very bad pieces), letting me watch and learn from her while we lived together. Without that introduction to the sticky world of resin I don't know how long I would have put off even trying to do it. I'm so grateful for that opportunity and I love still watching the AMAZING art she creates :)

Since then I ballsed up and bought my own supplies and started my own little resin Journey. Now I make them in Hong Kong and I love it.

Probably 50/50 consciously my paintings end up very coastal themed. I'm pretty passionate about the beauty of our oceans and I'll be happy if my art can make people stop for 5 minutes and appreciate it too.  

10% of all my profits will always be going go to non profit organisations which are doing a fantastic job of keeping our oceans and their inhabitants safe. Check out conservation for some of the organisations I hope we can support.